The Heart of the Matter

-a testimonial-
What Lifeline Means To Me

I’m so thankful to have come to lifeline family center.  I was pretty much in need of support and guidance.  Before coming to lifeline, I was bouncing around from place to place, pregnant, and with a three year old.  I had no money, no job, no career, and no Jesus in my love tank.  I had family and friends, but everybody had their own problems to deal with.  All I needed was a chance, and I got that chance when I was accepted into the family of Lifeline.

We really are a family here.  We share each other’s problems, hurts, accomplishments and victories. As I entered this program, the weight of burdens were lifted off my shoulders, and I could breathe again.  That’s how I knew this was where God wanted me to be.  Coming to Lifeline I’ve gotten started on goals that I wouldn’t have accomplished if I hadn’t come.  I am learning how to be a better parent in Prep for Parenting classes, I’m being tutored in math for the last part of my GED,  I’m learning how to live out the Christian life in character classes, and there are many more classes to help prepare me for life when I am out on my own.

With the help of God and Lifeline, I was able to give birth to a healthy baby girl named Sophia.  Through my son Levi and my daughter Sophia, God has shown me how much he really does love me.  Being here at Lifeline is very beneficial.  They teach you so much here. You never know how strong you are until you have no choice but to be strong.  I thank God for breathing life into Ms. Kathy’s vision and blessing her with the help of all our staff and volunteers.  Coming to Lifeline was the best decision I’ve made for my life.


Ashley, Levi, & Sophia


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