Update: May 11, 2021

Our #WelcomeHome project has been a tremendous success!

We have beautiful welcome packages prepared so that each new mom and her children are equipped with fresh new linens and personal care items as they begin their new journey here at Lifeline.

We are so thankful to all of you for providing beautiful items for our precious families!

What is our #WelcomeHome Project?

When a young woman joins our Lifeline Family, we desire that she feels a sense of peace, love, and HOPE. Sometimes it’s the little things we don’t think about that can have an incredible impact on her heart and well-being.

Often we are asked “How can we help?” or “What is something that my Sunday School could give to?” and in response, we decided to launch the “Welcome Home” project. What is the “Welcome Home” project? Glad you asked…

“Welcome Home” provides the essential items for a young woman that is about to join our Lifeline Family. She will receive an incredible gift when she walks through the door of her new home-suite. She will be the first to sleep on the new sheets on her bed, be warmed by the new comforter, rest her head on new pillows, step out of the shower onto a new mat, with new towels and other new bathroom products. For her, it could be the first time she ever had something “brand-new.” That sense of HOPE and love is what we desire because she is worth it.

$200 is all it takes to purchase these items.

All of these items are listed on our Amazon Charity list to make it easy to shop from home and ship it right to our front door. Perhaps your ladies’ group would like to go shopping for some of these items. If you would rather donate towards the project, select the “Welcome Home Project” on our online giving platform. Click the “Welcome Home” project logo to be directed to our online giving page.


Or click the pictures below to purchase an E-Gift Card to be used for the Welcome Home Project.

Use admin@lifelinefamily.org for the E-Gift Card recipient email please.

Amazon E-Gift Card

Walmart E-Gift Card