Please call our office before bringing any donations, thank you! (239) 242-7238

Items we are no longer allowed to receive:
– Used car seats
– Used cribs

Items we cannot take at this time:
– Used baby toys (due to COVID-19)
– Used baby clothes (due to COVID-19)
– Used baby/toddler furniture such as cribs, bouncy seats, highchairs, etc. (due to COVID-19)
– Opened packages of diapers
– Blankets (crochet or knitted)
– Women’s clothing (professional, maternity, etc.)

If you’d like to donate the above items, our families are able to shop at local thrift stores: Kiwanis Cape Coral Thrift Store Locations, St. Vincent Thrift Store, St. Matthews Thrift Store.

Check out our wish list for items we are in need of at this time.

Because of your donations of goods and support, we are able to continue changing the world…two lives at a time. We try to provide different opportunities for individuals and groups to give to Lifeline Family Center. We recently launched the “Welcome Home” project that allows a small group or Sunday School to collect new items for a young woman who is joining our family here at Lifeline Family Center. Click the “Online Giving Campaigns” button below for information about and how to donate to this project and others.

You can give securely online by clicking the “Donate” button above. Our giving partner has made it easy to give. Check your email for a confirmation thank you note that will have been sent by us after your donation. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us.

If you would like a statement of your giving, please send an email to If you would like this statement mailed to you, please include your current mailing address.