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-a testimonial-
By Torii Granski
What Lifeline Family Center Means to Me
Torii, Ariah, Isaiah , High School Graduation 2017 Celebration at Lifeline Family Center
Torii, Ariah, Isaiah , High School Graduation 2017 Celebration at Lifeline Family Center, Cape Coral, Florida

Lifeline Family Center means a lot to me because they have  provided a home for me and my child. They taught me how to be a good mother to my son, who is almost a year old. They have shown me the value of saving and how to budget my money. Lifeline also offers you a chance to get your G.E.D and helps you get into Tech school to get started on your career. I have learned what family really means. I’m glad that God brought me here because He knew this would be the right place for   me.

Lifeline has a lot to offer. You get your own room for you and your baby. You take parenting classes to get you prepared for your new arrival. I learned how  important it is to keep my baby on a schedule. When you have your baby you go on maternity leave for a month. In that month you don’t do chores or go to classes. You have that whole month to stay with your precious gift and love and bond with him/her. With my son, Isaiah, I didn’t know how much the bonding experience meant to your baby. Since I’ve been in parenting classes I know how much it truly means to the baby and the mom. These are a few things Lifeline  Family Center offers.

Another important life skill Lifeline offers is how to handle money. We get to meet with Ms. Kathy once a week to budget our money. We earn Lifeline bucks by exercising and going to classes. We learn to take money out for tithes to God. We also go shopping in our boutique to get diapers, clothes, and other necessities for our babies, and personal items for us. We also get to buy a car with our Lifeline bucks if we have enough in savings. Ms. Kathy will let us choose a car that was donated to Lifeline. Before I came here I knew nothing about budgeting or saving and since I’ve been here I’ve learned how important it is. This is information that I will use for the rest of my life.

Lifeline means a lot to me  because I had gotten into a bad situation  and I feel like I am where God  always meant  for me to be.  Thank you, Kim, for pushing me to come to Lifeline and actually driving me here from West Palm Beach. Thank you, Mrs. Peggy, for all the calls to check up on me the week before I came in. I want to thank all of you who support Lifeline so my children and I can now look forward to a better life.  Without Lifeline I wouldn’t have a place for me and my children.

Torii and Isaiah

Praise Update!
Torii gave birth to her little daughter, Ariah, on January 17, 2016. Both Mother and her two children are doing marvelous! Torii graduated with her diploma and is now pursuing a career as a veterinary technician.

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