A haven, help, and hope…

Lifeline Family Center is a unique, all-inclusive program that strengthens and establishes purpose and self-worth in young women who are single mothers or pregnant and ages 16 to 25. Founded in 1996 in Cape Coral, Lifeline Family Center is a safe, secure, Christian home that cares as much for the women as saving the baby from abortion.

It’s not about a “one-size-fits-all” way of thinking, it’s about empowering the young women, giving her the tools she needs to create the goals she wants to accomplish in her life and for her family, coming alongside her and behind her in support as she learns how to navigate in this world. This is made possible through incredible volunteers that tutor and teach Life skills classes, our staff and life coaches.

Lifeline Family Center is dedicated to remaining fully dependent upon God through individual donors, the local church, ministry relationships, foundations, and organizations to meet the needs of the program without receiving government funding.