Congratulations to the following Volunteer Angels:

White Wings (60 volunteer hours)
  • Annette Hedden          
    2014 009
  • Kim Heller      
  • Bob Minahan    
  • Mary Reardon    
  • Emily Schreiber
Silver Wings (120 volunteer hours)
  • Sue Mack   
  • Lazaro Miel
 Gold Wings (180 volunteer hours)
  • Kathy Berree      
  • Susan Fekete    
  • Ginny McGowan    
  • Melinda Miel
  • Elyse Sensabaugh
White Halo (500 volunteer hour)
  • Dominga Bell    
  • Shirley Castaldo
Gold Halo (1,500 volunteer hours)
  • Mary Ann Riley (cooking class instructor)


Lifeline Family Center’s Board of Directors, staff, residents, and babies would like to thank you for your selfless gift of time, support and love. This ministry could not be a success without the help of the many volunteers!

Lifeline Family Center is so blessed to have each and every one of you! 

Aug Volunteers 003