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Here's what some of our patients are saying...

I want to thank all of you who support Lifeline so my children and I can now look forward to a better life. Without Lifeline, I wouldn’t have a place for me and my children.

- Torii, Isaiah and Baby Ariah

I can now cook, sew, clean, and have taken classes in finances, baby sign language, parenting, childbirth, art, including getting my CPR and First Aid Certification. Most important my relationship with God has become stronger than it’s ever been.

- Malia and Kingsley

March 31, 2015 my son Izaiah was born. I will be working on completing high school here at Lifeline and I’m looking forward to all that will come.

- Amanda and baby Izaiah

Never did I think that I would be a Veterinary Technician. I am very excited to explore my new career field of medicine. My babies, Annalee and Damian, will be very happy to continue to be in the Lifeline nursery.

- Savannah, Annalee and Damian

When I first walked through Lifeline’s doors I felt a peace surround me. All the stress, anger, and shame were washed away. Being here at Lifeline gives me the privilege to rise above my past and see the bright light shining towards my future.

- Destiny and Baby Sapphire

God, through my amazing Lifeline Family, had pulled me from a sinful life full of pain and misery, and set me on a path to redemption and freedom. God has a plan for me. I am loved. I can do it!

- Alison and Baby Adonis