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Facebook is a great way to share your personal campaign link with your friends and family. Facebook also allows you to set up fundraising campaigns that can easily be shared with invitations to your friends list. Here are a few things to make note of BEFORE you set up your campaign:

  1. Go to our Facebook Page: Lifeline Family Center Facebook Page
  2. Scroll down a little and on the left hand side, you’ll see some Fundraisers that other people have set up. At the very bottom of that section is a button that says “Create Fundraiser”…click that button
  3. Facebook will then take you through the steps of setting up your fundraiser. Here’s what you need to know about that:
    1. When it asks you “When should your fundraiser end?” (it may be along the left side of the screen), set an end date of December 3rd.
      1. This allows our staff to enter the Facebook campaigns into the registration platform before LIFEwalk
    2. It will ask “Why are you raising money?” We automatically have a blurb entered for you BUT what makes this personal is YOUR why. Why are YOU raising money for LIFEwalk/Lifeline Family Center? Put that reason there.
  4. It will automatically assign the title to be “Your Name’s fundraiser for Lifeline Family Center” You can add LIFEwalk if you want that. All fundraiser campaigns that are launched from October to December 3rd will automatically be entered in as a LIFEwalk campaign
  5. When you hit the publish button, it automatically posts it to your timeline.

That’s it! You’ve launched your campaign! Another bonus of using Facebook is that NO FEES come out of the donations. 100% of every dollar donated goes to your campaign which goes to Lifeline Family Center. However, if someone would like to receive a receipt for their contribution, have them email bethany@lifelinefamily.org. We can see the names of people who have donated to your campaign and will confirm the donation with the email.

Always thank your donors on Facebook too 🙂

There are other great tips on our FAQs page about Facebook campaigns that you can check out. If you have questions, email bethany@lifelinefamily.org