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LIFEwalk has gone virtual!

That’s right folks! With everything going on, we wanted to remove any stress or concern people may have in gathering together in such a large group. Let’s keep it simple!  Wherever you are, if you’d like to get together with your team and walk your neighborhood or a park or even your church, go ahead! That’s what is great about LIFEwalk this year…we will still be “Together”.

What does this mean?
We have learned in so many ways throughout 2020 that we are all in this together. We’re going to come together this year VIRTUALLY! Yes, we will still be walking our three laps so join in wherever and whenever you’d like. That might mean your team comes together at your church. Take a picture and send it to Bethany at community@lifelinefamily.org.
Watch us LIVE on December 5th at 11am on our Facebook Page (www.Facebook.com/LifelineFamilyCenter)

The whole point of LIFEwalk is to let people know that 1-you are taking a stand for LIFE and 2-to let people know that Lifeline Family Center is here for those young women that are seeking a haven for them and their babies.

What does that mean for registering, turning in donations, and t-shirts? We know you will have questions so we (hopefully) answer them on our FAQ page.
But what about being an Event Sponsor? Those questions and how we will be altering our exchange is detailed on the Sponsor Page

You are part of the family that surrounds them in love, a love they’ve never experienced before. It’s empowering these young women to embark on a new journey for their lives, to discover their identity, to become independent women that are caring for their families in a stable, loving, and safe home. YOU are part of the process that is removing the insecurities that these young women may have grown up with. When they begin to understand their value, to learn how to raise the standard in their lives, they elevate the expectations they project to others. It’s teaching them to live lives that honor God, to have healthy relationships that honor God and reflect the value and worth HE has placed upon them and recognizing that in themselves. THANK YOU!!!