By booking a Lifeline speaker you are able to schedule a focused meeting that will allow your members to learn about Lifeline Family Center.


One of the campaigns we are in the process of launching now is #AllofLeeLFC! We desire to spread the message of #TeamLIFE and share about Lifeline Family Center so that by 2020 all of Lee County Florida will have heard about Lifeline Family Center and will know that they have options for choosing life. We refuse to allow the reason a woman chose abortion to be “I didn’t know you existed.” Join our team by scheduling a Lifeline speaker to share at your organization’s meeting, to your missions or outreach committee, your church, business, or event.

Our outreach department is available to speak at youth groups, community events, health fairs. We can offer free pregnancy tests, make appointments for free ultrasounds as well as receive calls for women in crisis moments. We also have speakers that can teach “Relationships Under Construction”: an abstinence teaching for middle and high school students.

Our schedule fills up fast during the season so please don’t hesitate to send us a request form. It gets the ball rolling and the details can be worked out later.


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