At Lifeline Family Center, we are always blessed by the donations our community brings for our moms. Sometimes, those donations come to us through fundraisers hosted by YOU!

By hosting a fundraiser at your organization, church, or group you are able to personalize the event to meet the abilities of your members. Those that are invited will attend with understand the purpose of raising funds and bring donations. All the while the fundraiser promotes awareness of Lifeline Family Center. For example… your church holds a monthly fellowship dinner or your ladies group hosts a “tea”. By hosting a Lifeline Fundraiser, you can arrange for the event proceeds to be donated to Lifeline Family Center, promote a donation drive to be due at the event AND your guests enjoy a fantastic meal all while learning about Lifeline

Another popular event is baby showers. Baby showers can be organized in different ways to accommodate the desire of your group. If a baby shower isn’t what you’re thinking about doing, perhaps a baby food drive would be easier. Whatever the case, we would love to help you brainstorm! Submit an event request form so we can contact you.


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