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Florida Memorial for the Unborn is a monument in a garden setting in the heart of
Palm Royale Cemetery and Mausoleum in Naples, Florida.

The Hope Monument is a larger than life bronze statue sitting in the middle of the garden.
Two matching black granite benches sit on one end of the garden providing seating for reflection, contemplation, and prayer.

There are two polished, black granite walls at the other end of the garden with bronze memorial plates honoring unborn children.

Visit the Memorial
Palm Royale Cemetery
6780 Vanderbilt Beach Rd
Naples, FL 34109

A bronze plate engraved with a baby’s name and a preserved message can be purchased and permanently affixed to the wall as a testament to the child’s life.

CALL TO ORDER: (239) 242-7238 ext.114
1) Download Order Form Here
2) Email Completed Order Form to Laurie@lifelinefamily.org
2) Make Payment Online Here

 Post Abortion & Miscarriage Support Resources

If you have lost a child through a miscarriage, there are others who know what you are feeling. Do not suffer alone. The following links offer support for women and men who have experienced a miscarriage.


Silent Grief

Miscarriage Association 

Pregnancy Loss

Caleb Ministries

The following links offer different support for anyone who has experienced emotional turmoil following an abortion. It does not matter if it was 2 months ago or 20 years ago, the pain you are feeling is REAL.

Operation Outcry

Healing Hearts Ministry

Please explore these sites and the options they offer to help find healing.

*Florida Memorial has provided some of these links as a resource only. We are not affiliated with these organizations.


Those who would like to order a plaque can do so by printing our order form and mailing the
completed form along with payment payable to Lifeline Family Center in the amount of $205.

907 SE 5th Avenue
Cape Coral, FL 33990-2821

No one will be denied the opportunity to memorialize a baby. If you cannot afford to pay the full amount, pay what you can afford.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the Florida Memorial for the Unborn?

A: A tranquil garden in the Palm Royale Cemetery and Mausoleum located three miles east of I-75 on Vanderbilt Beach Road in Naples, Florida.

Q: Who might wish to visit the memorial?
A: Anyone, especially those who have experienced the loss of a child through abortion or miscarriage. Many women who have experienced an abortion long for the forgiveness and peace Christ promised to all who come to Him. The monument is meant to serve as a gentle, visual reminder of His promise.

Q: What will I find there?
A: A walkway welcomes you to come in, sit down on one of the granite benches and enjoy the tranquility. The focal point of the site is a larger than life size bronze sculpture of Jesus. He is seated on a large rock. Next to Him is a young woman looking intently into His face for comfort and reassurance. He is gently holding her hand and in His arms He is cradling her tiny baby. There are two large black granite walls with bronze plaques containing the name of children lost prior to birth located at the rear of the garden.

Q: What is the significance of the name plaques?
A: The experience of thousands of women has shown naming a lost child can and having a specific place to grieve can add to the healing process.

Q: How much will it cost to purchase a plaque for my baby?
A: $205.00 – On it you may have the name of your child and a short meaningful sentiment.

Q: What if I cannot afford the $205.00?
A: Pay what you can afford. No one will be denied the opportunity to memorialize their baby.

Q: Are there any other features of interest in the garden?
A: Four blocks of granite engraved with Bible verses about comfort are placed strategically around the garden.

We encourage you to visit the memorial and mention it to your friends. You may be instrumental in helping someone you care about find comfort and closure.


*Florida Memorial has provided some of these links as a resource only. We are not affiliated with these organizations.