” Think it over…Miss the mess”

A message of hope and truth geared towards young people.

Risky behaviors can impact your life beyond today. Choose true freedom.


5 Messes to avoid:


Unplanned pregnancy

Emotional pain

Substance abuse/addictions

Illegal activity


5 ways to avoid messes:

Engage in sports, music or the arts

Volunteer with a local organization

Join a club or youth group

Hang out with friends that challenge you to become better individual

Take the time to get to know your “love interests”


Available to:
middle schools, high schools, youth shelters, church youth groups, organizations, and in-house at Lifeline.


To schedule this presentation please call Sara or Krista at 239.242.7238


Inform Yourself:

Reported STDs at Unprecedented High in the U.S. 2015
Interesting Facts
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Chart
Relationship Under Construction

Center for Diseases Control and Prevention