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When a girl first comes to Lifeline Family Center we ask her to share her dreams of the future with us … then we try to guide her in the direction to make some of those dreams come true.  If she has not graduated from high school our first step is to help her get her GED.  We then help her set realistic goals for career training that may be another step toward her  dream while preparing her to be employable by her child’s second birthday.  Our girls must choose a career that pays a minimum of $10.75 per hour.  They may choose an Associate of Science Degree at the local college, or vocational school training.  As long as they work toward their career goal, volunteers provide free babysitting for them at the home.




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I    Housing

  • A home to live in a family atmosphere
  • Transportation
  • Food, clothing, personal hygiene items


II    Education & Career Training

  • Tutoring for GED
  • Evaluation for career training
  • May stay until career training is completed or up to two years after the baby is born


III    Spiritual Direction

  • Character Class
  • Daily Devotions & Bible reading
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer JournalingBecky HS Diploma
  • Weekly church attendance at different Christian denominations


IV    Life Skills Training

  • Preparation for Parenting Class
  • Parenting Classes
  • Budgeting Classes
  • Etiquette Classes
  • Craft & Life Skills Classes (i.e. sewing, cooking, budgeting, etc.)


V    Counseling

  • Weekly individual counseling
  • Counseling for Fathers of our babies
  • Counseling for Parents of our residents


VI    Recreation

  • Movies, Bowling, Theater, Symphonies, Swimming, Fishing, Shopping


VII    Physical Fitness

  • Child Birth Classes
  • Workouts in our own exercise room


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