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  • Teen pregnancy costs the United States over $9.4 billion annually.
  • Nearly 80% of the fathers of babies born to teen mothers do not marry their babies’ mothers.  On average, these absent fathers pay less than $800 annually for child support.
  • Babies born to teens are at an increased risk of low birth weight and the attending health problems; mental retardation, blindness, deafness, mental illness, cerebral palsy and infant death.
  • Girls born to teen mothers are 22% more likely to become mothers as teens themselves.
  • Sons of teen mothers are more likely to end up in jail.
  • The epidemic of teenage pregnancy has not only created a moral dilemma, but a socioeconomic crisis.  We MUST turn things around.  Future generations are counting on us!


The Solution…

Lifeline Family Center is bringing an abstinence-until-marriage message to middle and high school students as well as helping teen moms become God-dependent, self-supporting, contributing members of society.