Dear Friends,
Thank you to all who came to Lifeline Family Center’s Open House on November 6. We hope your visit made you feel even more like part of our family! Open House is a Lifeline Family Center Board event.  We are grateful to our dedicated Board Members who diligently work to make our Open House possible.  Cheryl Chase has headed the Open House Committee for the past three years. Hip hip hurray for Cheryl! A special note of gratitude to those who brought guests to our Open House to learn more about our ministry. Learning about Lifeline Family Center from those who support us is the very best way possible.
Now if you missed our Open House, don’t fret…You still have a chance to get on board by participating in our Annual LIFEwalk on December 3 at Jaycee Park in Cape Coral. It is always such fun! And Southwest Airlines has “sweetened the pie” by donating 2 roundtrip airline tickets that only LIFEwalk participants can have a chance to win. Please read Melanie’s article, COME CHEER FOR LIFE, in this issue of Life Lines to get all the details.
I want to tell you a little about our LIFEwalk poster child,  Ariah.  Ariah’s mom is Victoria.  Ariah also has a “big brother” who lives with her and her mom at Lifeline Family Center.  When Victoria found out she was pregnant with Ariah, she was living on the streets with her little boy.  Abortion seemed like the only reasonable solution.  Then through Lifeline Family
Center’s relationship with Young Life, Victoria learned that there was hope for her and her children. She will be getting her high school diploma in December and will then begin career training.  She has also learned that she has a gift for public speaking.  What seemed like the worst possible news, another unplanned pregnancy, turned out to be what God used to help Victoria
discover her many gifts.  The bonus to this story is that the father of both of Victoria’s children has been doing his best to get his life together and has faithfully come for counseling at Lifeline Family Center. Sadly there aren’t any residential programs for young men who just need a helping hand. Unless you are involved with drugs or coming out of prison, you are out of luck. Please cover this little family with prayer.  What satan meant for evil, God is working for good.
Your love, prayers, and support are what makes it possible.  God bless
you for caring.


For Truth and life,
Kathy Miller
President/ Executive Director