Dear Friends,
No way!  Is it already July?  We are at the halfway mark of the year! Where is this year going?  Or maybe the question is more like “Where are we (Lifeline Family Center) going this year!
We have been forging ahead with our Outreach Ministry abstinence based sex education curriculum, Relationships Under Construction. The goal is to have Lee County Middle and High Schools avail themselves of this FREE, value based, look at the emotional price young people pay when they become sexually active outside of marriage.  If you have children or grandchildren in Lee County Public Schools, or you know someone on the School Board, please encourage them to take a look at this wonderful opportunity to educate our youth, at NO COST to the county! Not to worry about budget cuts here!  Just call Lifeline and ask for Ms. Peggy Lopez.
We are also going forward with plans for Phase II of Lifeline Family Center, the construction of a four-plex of two-bedroom apartments for our graduates.  Even with career training and making a minimum of $10.75 an hour, finding affordable rent in a safe neighborhood has become one of the biggest challenges for our young moms and babies. We launched this Capital Campaign with a generous contribution from the Comrie Foundation at our Benefit Dinner, Songs of Life, 20 year celebration.  We have had a few surprises going forward, but none that are too big for our God to handle.  One “surprise” is the new construction requirement to replace our four inch pipe fire safety system with eight inch pipe. This means 90 feet of pipe at $100 a foot for an additional cost of $90,000.  Ouch!  Please pray that when we do this the water pressure will be satisfactory!  If not there will be an additional $55,000 expense for a fire pump.  You know, over the years I have come to see these “obstacles” as the Father’s way of showing us His love for us as He overcomes them!  I can hardly wait to report to you how He provides us with the additional funding that is needed.  We are still anticipating breaking ground in September, so keep on praying. I love walking on water! I hope you can sense the big smile I have as I write this to you!
As for the heart of the matter, our girls are growing in mind and spirit.  One of our moms has made the decision to reunite with the father of her children in the Virgin Islands.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Another one of our pregnant moms was reunited with her toddler this past week.  What a blessing to see the smiles and tears of joy at this reunion. We see all the girls growing in their relationship with a God who loves them more than they ever could imagine being loved.  I think when they finally grasp this they can learn to love and forgive themselves.  That is our prayer.
Thank you for walking beside us.  Your unconditional love is amazing!
For Truth and life,


Kathy Miller,
President/ Executive Director