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Adoption Assistance Program


There is no truer action of love than that of a birth mother choosing adoption over abortion for her unborn child. Choose Life, Inc.,
is a Florida State License Plate, that ensures $20.00 of the purchase amount of the plate goes into a special fund for financial
assistance to be used for a birth mother who chooses adoption instead of abortion.


Lifeline Family Center, through  the “Choose Life” license plate fund has helped families with rent, utilities and monthly food cards.
The financial assistance is offered through the length of the pregnancy and it ensures that the birth mom has a stable foundation after she
gives birth. We also assist the birth mom through the adoption process, making sure she finds the right family for the newborn baby.


Wow, love at its best!


This is where your money goes when you purchase a “Choose Life” license plate. It becomes a statement of love for both mother and child.


Please support this program by getting your license plate… TODAY!