Interested in Adoption?

Years ago, adoption was a hidden process where women in unplanned pregnancies had no rights. They had no input on what happened through the process or where the child was placed. Closed adoptions were the only option. Thankfully, this is not true anymore. Adoption agencies strive to make the process easy, comforting, and agreeable for everyone involved.

Adoption is a brave, loving, and beautiful opportunity. There are many programs and resources to facilitate smooth transitions for a new baby into a loving, established home that you choose.

Safe and loving parents and families seek to adopt for a variety of reasons, including infertility, health risks associated with being pregnant, or wanting to expand their family. Adoption agencies screen parents and family members to determine if the adoptive parents are fit to be parents and capable of providing a safe and stable home for an adopted child. You choose the adoptive parents or family.

You can choose a closed adoption with no contact with the adoptive parents during pregnancy or after delivery.

You can choose an open adoption where the terms and methods for communication with the adoptive parents during pregnancy and after delivery are agreed upon.

An adoption plan can mean a new start for you and your current family. Lifeline Family Center works with the national Choose Life Adoption Program. (You may have seen the license plates.) Through Choose Life funding, we can provide housing and finances for all of your needs until the adoption takes place.

Lifeline Family Center can also connect you with other agencies or programs to guide you through the process. These processes are designed to maintain and protect your rights as the birth mother through the adoption planning and choose what you are comfortable with doing and on your terms.

Adoption can seem like a lot to go through, but adoption planning is meant to be low stress for you. There are counselors and resources to help you through the adoption planning, through your pregnancy, and through your delivery.

If you need help discussing your options and want to learn and understand more about what you can do if you are pregnant, including learning more about an adoption plan, call Lifeline Family Center’s help line any time, day or night, (239) 772 – HOPE (4673) . It never hurts to talk to someone who knows and wants to help.