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Lifeline Family Center Is Awarded $126,000 From the Comrie Foundation


CONTACT:   Kathy Miller, President/ Executive Director

PHONE: (239) 242-7238 or (239) 910-2858


Would it be considered cruel to have babies in a nursery in Ohio without heat in the winter? How about these babies or pregnant women living in an unheated or poorly heated home? Unthinkable!

Doug and Carolyn Comrie saw the correlation between babies in southwest Florida living without air conditioning in July, August, and September and babies in Ohio living without heat in December, January and February. And they have committed to do something about it.

The Comrie Foundation is making it possible to replace the poor, construction quality, nine air conditioning units at the 18,000 square foot, Lifeline Family Center with first class units that will not only keep moms and babies safely cool, but will also conserve on energy. Kathy Miller, Executive Director of Lifeline Family Center, shares that the current units have been giving them problems since the day their one year warrantee expired. As a nonprofit organization that provides housing and education for homeless pregnant young women and their children, Lifeline Family Center could not afford the ever mounting costs of maintaining these poorly functioning units. “We care for the babies of our young moms in a nursery on our premises while the girls take classes to earn their GED (Government Equivalency Diplomas), and learn life skills. The nursery air conditioner was always breaking down. It was difficult to see the little ones so uncomfortable. When it is cold you can always put on layers. When it is hot there are just so many layers you can take off!” Another room frequently effected by the poor quality air conditioning was the Learning Center. Try learning Math, eight months pregnant, in a room over 90 degrees.

Even though Lifeline Family Center had approached a number of Foundations asking for the replacement of one unit at a time, their requests were repeatedly denied. The cost of running these inefficient units kept mounting. Board Member Wanda Jones, who helps write grants for Lifeline Family Center, met the Comries while on vacation and invited them to visit the center. Ms. Miller says, “The Comries ‘get it. They see the big picture! For these young families to succeed you need to give them tools, and you need to give them the opportunity to live and learn in an environment that is conducive to their well being. I call Doug and Carolyn Comrie our ‘really cool angels.’”

The project of pulling out all the malfunctioning units and replacing them will take nine months and will cost over $126,000.00. The Comrie Foundation has chosen Fenzel Air to complete the project. Mr Fenzel said one of the units was actually heating and air conditioning the home at the same time. That helps to explain the enormous electric bills!

Ms. Miller says, “There are no words to express our extreme gratitude to the Comries. We are so grateful that they came along and caught the vision of Lifeline Family Center and joined their hearts to ours.”

Lifeline Family Center does not take government funding. For 18 years they have served southwest Florida in the Cape Coral Center through the generosity of a caring community and people like Doug and Carolyn Comrie. Lifeline Family Center is a United Way partner agency.

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Lifeline Family Center’s Resident Savannah Kennison Is Awarded 2014 Florida’s Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Ambassador Award

The Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Ambassador Award will be presented to Lifeline Family Center’s resident Savannah Kennison on Tuesday April 8th, 2014 at the Historic State Capitol in Tallahassee, FL. This will enable Lifeline Family Center to help more teenagers that are facing unplanned pregnancies.


LFC resident is Awarded
Department of Juvenile Justice Youth Ambassador Award

Cape Coral, FLA., April 2, 2014 – The Department of Juvenile Justice has awarded the Youth Ambassador Award to Lifeline Family Center (LFC) resident Savannah Kennison to represent the Department of Juvenile Justice and its mission to increase public safety by reducing juvenile delinquency through effective prevention, intervention and treatment services that strengthen families and turn around the lives of troubled youth. This award will bring awareness of Lifeline Family Center and enable LFC to help more teenagers facing unplanned pregnancy situations.


It has been about a year and a half since Senior JPO Debbi Davis went beyond her duty and placed a seventeen year old girl in a home that would forever change the young girl’s life. After having been in the Department of Juvenile Justice system for quite some time, this was a move that would truly shine a light into Savannah’s past struggles. Today she continues to reside at Lifeline Family Center with her two children and is pursuing her certification as a Veterinary Technical Assistant. Savannah’s turn around has been tremendous and her story only reflects what rehabilitation can do for a troubled young person.


Lifeline Family Center is a residential program located in Cape Coral that allows young women in crisis pregnancies to redirect their lives and become self-supporting within two years after the birth of their child. It is unique in that it is not only concerned with saving a baby from abortion, but also with saving the child from a life of poverty and neglect. A young woman is given the gift of hope by Lifeline Family Center providing her a home, scholarship opportunities and care for her child while she pursues an education for a career. Along with these opportunities, LFC hopes to introduce, or reacquaint these young women to the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Kathy Miller,

President & Executive Director, LFC

(239) 242-7238

LFC is a United Way partner agency.
For more information, call (239) 242-7238 or visit