Life is so much more than “the now”…


Our hope is to become the generation who is fearless in living a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that sets us up for success in our future career and relationships. We set standards high for ourselves
and are not ashamed of walking the uncommon path. We believe in freedom. True  f r e e d o m. We are free from sexually transmitted diseases, addictions, unplanned pregnancies, and emotional
heartbreak. We understand that waiting and saving sexual activity until marriage is a gift we will be able to give our future spouse. We inform ourselves and know what is best for us now,
tomorrow and forever. We know it is never too late to start fresh and live smart. We live in a way that sets us up to be examples to the generations that follow…



LIFEcollege is present at local SWFL colleges on a monthly basis. You will find our table with unplanned pregnancy resources

and the abstinence message.¬† Our hope is to reach the college campuses with the “true freedom” message.