The memorial is situated in a garden setting in the heart of Palm Royale Cemetery and Mausoleum located three miles east of I-75 on Vanderbilt BeachRoad in Naples, Florida.
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There are two highly polished, black granite walls at one end of the garden. A bronze plate engraved with the baby’s name and a preserved message can be
purchased and permanently affixed to the wall as a testament to your child. In the middle of the garden is a larger than life size bronze statue – The Hope Monument.
Jesus is holding an unborn baby wrapped in a blanket. Beside Him sits a young mother. The heart shaped locket the woman holds is symbolic of the memory of her baby.
There is space at the end of the rock where a visitor can sit, designed to allow the person to look directly into the face of Jesus. Two matching black granite benches at
the other end of the garden provide seating for reflection, contemplation and prayer. Trees, bushes and flowers provide privacy and natural tranquility. Pavers direct
the way from the road. It is our hope that visitors will find peace through Jesus Christ at this unique spot.pic5