Similac Sensitive Non-GMO

Baby food

Soy formula

Baby shampoo

Size 5 diapers


Feminine pads (heavy adsorb)

Hair spray

Toddler car seat

Rubbing alcohol

Bassinet sheets

Secret deodorant

Portable shade canopy

Dreft or other hypo allergic detergent

Bottled water

Copy paper

Small round paper plates (desert size)

Garbage bags

Zip lock quart-size bags

Plastic wrap

Letter size Index dividers for 3-ring notebooks (8 ½” X 11)

2’’ by 1.5” post it notes

3 – Two way radios

Set of dessert sized Correll or plastic dishes

Starbucks/Smoothie King/Dairy Queen giftcards

Sketchbook/Adult coloring books & pencils

Colored Gel pens


Open or closed car trailer

“Starter Cars” for the girls   (It means they run, but can be ugly.)