What are we going to do with “Natalie”?

Dear Friends,

What are we going to do with “Natalie?” She is rough…not just around the edges. She has had to be. She is a survivor. Natalie hardly knew her dad. He was in and out of prison her entire childhood. Her mom escaped reality with drugs and boyfriends. Natalie somehow managed to grow up. Please note, there is a significant difference between growing up, and being raised. She is now 18…and she is pregnant.

What is going to happen to Natalie? What is going to happen to Natalie’s baby? As we embrace the sanctity of human life we also need to take off our blinders. Most young women in unplanned pregnancies that call our 24 hour crisis line are closer to Natalie’s description than to the teen next door who just made a mistake.

This is why almost 25 years ago the Lord planted the idea of Lifeline Family Center in my heart. Just providing “Natalies” with baby supplies is not going to cut it. She needs a crash course in living! Parenting classes with ideas that are totally foreign to her, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, GED prep and career training. It is going to be the hardest thing she has ever done. But it is going to be the best gift of life…for her and for her baby!

Our theme for 2020 has been, “Together We Can.” The inspiration came from the Scripture, “A cord of three strands is not easily broken…” Ecc 4:12. Together we can make a difference in the life of someone who really wants to change. When we chose this theme for 2020 we had no idea it would become a year that would fixate on keeping us apart! By God’s grace we are going to go the distance and endure. The Lord, your support, and our “hands on,” will victoriously overcome the curse of isolation! Together We Can! Are you on board? This Annual Appeal is at a crucial time. We need your help to provide the support system needed to take “Natalies” from street smart to recognizing themselves as a women of worth, as women of God, capable of raising their children. Together we have done this over the years! Will you stand with us once more as a light in the darkness?

God bless you for caring.

For Truth, life and by His grace,

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