volunteer angels

“…For everyone to whom much is given, of him
shall much be required…” Luke 12:48(AMPC)

I had recently “retired” from working as a nurse, with years of experience working with babies and their mothers. I had this verse in my mind as I asked God to show me what He wanted me to do with the next half of “life”.

I have been aware of Lifeline and it’s ministry. I’ve heard Lifeline Family Center staff speaking at my church, First Assembly of God, have participated in LIFEwalk
(usually on my birthday weekend and always wanted to include this Walk as a part of my celebration, with my family joining in) and have known people who worked here. This led me to make a call to volunteer “my time” really every day of life is God’s time that He gives to me. I’ve been used in the nursery and also in teaching a cooking class to mothers, every other week.

Can I tell you that there’s just sweetness when walking into the nursery and
seeing toddlers‘ faces turn towards you, wave, and say, “hi!”… in unison? And, as for the cooking class- that’s just a blast for me. We not only cook together, but do taste-testing, and share life around a table.

May I encourage all who read this to PRAY for this ministry? I was impressed enough, before volunteering, to make the call to see if my talents/ expertise could be used. And, AFTER volunteering, I am still so impressed by this ministry. Volunteers are ALWAYS needed, and you seed into lives and generations. Isn’t this New Testament Living?


Congratulations! The following Volunteer Angels earned Wings or Halos this quarter of 2020:

White Wings (60 hrs.)
Lou Ann Ehlers
Rebecca Erwin
Judy Hanaburgh
Norma Kirchner

Silver Wings (120 hrs.)
Mary Albertson

White Halo (500 hrs.)
Susan Fekete
Linda Kelley




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  • This would not prevent your volunteer opportunity with us, just needing to be aware in the case of CPR training.
  • what are your interests? hobbies? talents? education? how many kids do you have? grandkids? feel free to be as detailed as you'd like.
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