Hello, I am Melissa Shannon. I began volunteering at Lifeline shortly after my grandmother passed away in 2019. She used to craft tissue box covers, sell them to residents where she lived, and donate the funds to Lifeline Family Center. It wasn’t till the end of her life did I find out she donated because of me. You see, I was a teen mom. I am a single mother of two wonderful kids. My oldest, he’s in real estate (shameless mom plug there) and my daughter is in the JROTC program at Mariner High School.

It hasn’t been easy being a single mom and had I known about Lifeline Family Center I would have applied to be a resident. Back to my grandmother. She saw how much I struggled as a single mom and told me “I didn’t want to see another mom struggle like that so that’s why I do what I do for Lifeline.” She was inspirational to me and since I can’t craft to save my life, I chose to sign up to volunteer. I was sitting in the orientation and they shared about the opportunities available when one in particular caught my attention—LIFEcollege. I already go to the colleges and share my journey and how God brought me through my past so to do the same thing AND have the resource to share about Lifeline seemed like the kind of thing I could say YES! to. I have a God given opportunity to tell a young woman that is facing an unplanned pregnancy that there is hope…being a single mom hasn’t been easy but being part of something greater, like Lifeline Family Center, has been so rewarding. I still see the handprints my grandmother left around Lifeline and I know that I am where God has me.

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