Life at Lifeline Family Center

-a testimonial- 
What Lifeline means to me. 
By Riley 

I came to Lifeline so that I could build a better life and future for both my children. Without Lifeline I wouldn’t have been able to keep my son Daniel who’s now 5 months old. Before I came here I was bouncing from place to place and I was not financially stable. Now I’m in a more stable environment and I can raise both of my children in peace while I’m working on my GED and later on pursuing a career that I want to do.

Since I’ve been here, I haven’t had to worry about daycare and being able to get the things that I need for both of my children. My goals are to finish my GED, establish getting a career for myself and also get transportation. Eventually I would also like to graduate from Lifeline and get stable housing as well.

So far, I’ve learned how to be a better parent. I’m still learning how to cook. I’ve also learned how to budget my money. I’m currently still learning how to deal with my emotions and how to deal with different kinds of people. If it weren’t for Lifeline, I don’t know where I’d be today.

Riley  & Daniel

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