July Newsletter

Dear Friends,

“Take every thought captive.” The Lord has been reminding me of this Scripture verse daily! I don’t know about you, but I have reached my saturation point with COVID-19. When I see all the damage that has been done to our nation in the wake of this “pandemic” I feel like weeping.

Then I look closer to home and see what it has done to how we minister at Lifeline Family Center. We have gone from 135 volunteers to 57. I understand that people are afraid to be together. That is so sad. Every time I start to feel afraid I take the thought captive remembering none of this is a surprise to the Lord. I try to think of how He is going to use it to fulfill prophecy and ultimately bring glory to Himself. Then I want Him to use me. And He does.

He just used us to welcome back a young lady who left Lifeline Family Center last year in a state of rebellion. It did not go so well for her. She ended up placing her child for adoption. Praise God, adoption not abortion! Now she is pregnant again and has asked if she could come back for a second chance. Yes. Yes, she can. That is what we are all about. Our God is a God of second and third chances. I sure am glad He did not give up on me! Please pray for this young woman to see the good purpose God has for her and her child and to follow through to victory.

Please pray for the other moms and babies as well. We are all on our last nerve trying to adjust calendars and routines to help our girls reach their goals with the additional obstacles that COVID-19 has created. It is becoming apparent that we are going to have to hire more staff to do what we counted on volunteers to do in the past. That means more expense in an uncertain economy. We will trust and pray and obey.

Thank you for your prayer support as well as your financial support. We are grateful that the Lord puts us on your heart. Please allow us the privilege to pray for you too. We meet with the girls every morning for devotions and prayer, and our admin staff also meets for prayer daily. Let us know how we can pray for you, by either email or a quick note. As we are a lifeline to young single moms, you are a lifeline to us.

God bless you for caring.

For Truth and life,

Kathy Miller,



In this mailing we included a prayer request sheet, asking you how we may pray for you. If you would like to send us a prayer request or praise report, please email: bethany@lifelinefamily.org

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