Heart of the Matter… Hayley

In November 2017 Hayley wrote a Heart of the Matter article when she had been at Lifeline Family Center for only three months. A year later this is what she has to say…

When I came to lifeline, August 10th 2017, I was so lost and didn’t really care to change. I did the counseling and all that I was supposed to do, but I honestly didn’t care about any of it. Little did I know that when I invited Jesus into my heart, it wasn’t just words. I noticed that I started to really put effort into counseling, and when I wronged people I really wanted to make it right. God has helped me and blessed me so much that I truly feel the need to live completely for Jesus. All the rest just seems to fall in line slowly but surely.

I’ve accomplished getting my CNA certification. Last month I received a letter from school that I got accepted into Nursing School.  I will be starting in February! I’ve grown so much in my walk by having more patience, self-control, a loving heart, and being a way better mom to my children. I do fail at times, but I know now that as long as I get back up, then I’m still progressing and becoming who I’ve been called to be. I’m excited to see what more God has in store for me through my journey at Lifeline.

Love, Hayley

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