Oct 008

Kathy & Baby Jacari

Dear Friends,

Do you remember how it felt the first time you were able to give a special gift to someone? I was about 10 years old. My older sister had this idea that we should “Reverse Christmas” that year. Instead of our parents having a bunch of gifts for us kids we would have more gifts for them under the tree than they had for us. We saved up our allowance like crazy! I remember going door to door selling sea shells to our Florida neighbors. They were good sports and actually bought them! That Christmas morning was the best ever! Our parents were stunned! And my sister and I experienced the amazing, exhilarating joy of giving. There is no greater feeling on earth than to be the giver of good things to someone else.

I am grateful for that childhood experience. Over the years the Lord has given me the opportunity to share many blessings. I may not be able to go to Africa but I can be a missionary to Africa by supporting the digging of a well in the name of Jesus! Even though I can’t go to Romania I can send support to feed the hungry children in that country. The Lord has planted me to minister in Cape Coral, Florida, but I can be part of the blessings reaped in the inner cities by supporting the ministries that serve there. You may be thinking, “Kathy Miller has lost her mind! She is supposed to be securing support to fight abortion through Lifeline Family Center! What is she doing talking about all these other ministries?”

I haven’t lost my mind. I need to share with you something bigger than an Annual Appeal. I need to share with you the extended arm of blessing. Blessed to be a blessing! I cannot do everything, and you cannot do everything. But God has made a way for us to reap the blessings of all that is being done in Jesus’ name through the extended arm of giving! Just like I haven’t been called to go to Africa or Romania, or to minister in the inner cities of the USA, you may not have been called to fight abortion by being a crisis pregnancy counselor or a houseparent. Still we get to share the blessings with you! The blessing when a young mother who was betrayed and abandoned dares to dream again. The blessing of a young girl contemplating abortion who chooses life because she sees her baby on the ultrasound screen and hears the heartbeat! I want you to be part of the blessing when that baby is born and we hear the first cry, and the angels in heaven rejoice! I want you to be part of the blessing of a nursery full of children, many of who would not have the gift of life, if it were not for your sacrificial gift to make Lifeline Family Center possible.

Now pause a moment and travel down memory lane to remember your first experience of giving. As you prayerfully consider a year-end gift to Lifeline Family Center, my prayer for you is that you will once again experience that same amazing, exhilaration that taught you the joy of giving! I know you will be blessed!

For life and Truth,


Kathy Miller

President/ Executive Director