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July 2015

Dear Friends,

If you ever need a lift in your spirit I invite you to spend a day at Lifeline Family Center! This place is always buzzing with Life!

Besides the obvious academic and parenting projects for the girls, there are people coming and going all the time for Outreach Ministry services such as free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, or the need for baby clothes. There are folks dropping off donations of “Wish List” items, volunteers like Sue Vaughn taking rambunctious toddlers for a walk (or run!) under the verandah trying to burn up some of that never ending two-year old energy! At the other extreme you will find Laz and Melinda Miel volunteering to lead a group of groaning teenagers outside to boost energy through a focused physical fitness regime.

On any given day you will find up to a dozen or more volunteers helping us with mailings that communicate the heart of Lifeline Family Center…birth announcements, graduations, sometimes just getting a driver’s license is a big deal! There was a crew here just last week preparing this letter for the mailing that brought it to you. The folks licking and sticking envelopes sound like they are having a party…all the laughter that comes from where they are working!

This is the spirit of Life! This is the spirit of Lifeline Family Center. The spirit of Hope! Last year 161 volunteers were part of that spirit!

Almost every day we conduct tours of our Learning Center, Nursery, Craft Rooms, and the New Jerusalem Chapel. When folks walk past our “Cracker Barrel style” rockers on the verandah and enter the front doors, it is not unusual to hear comments like, “What’s different about this place?” Even on the occasions when we are visited by inspectors or law enforcement, we often hear that same sentiment.

A few weeks ago I read this quote by Nelsen Henderson, “The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” Let it sink in a minute. That is an amazing description of what happens at Lifeline Family Center every day! Somehow I don’t think you will find this sentiment at the institutions that offer the abortion choice to an unplanned pregnancy.

The next time you are walking through a park, find a nice shade tree to linger under for a moment. As you feel gratitude in your heart for its relief from the heat, think about the stranger that planted it. Know that your support of Lifeline Family Center, whether it is volunteering, financial support, or both, is just like planting a tree to bless someone you may never know. Thank you for celebrating life with us! Thank you for helping us plant trees!


For life and Truth,

Kathy Miller

President/ Executive Director