Kathy & Baby Janelle

March 2016

Dear Friends,

I had to smile. My son was looking for something on the internet when he made the comment to me, “Now I know why you picked green decorations for the Benefit Dinner.” I responded, “Yes, I thought it would be fun since we had Steve Green in concert.” He said, “You mean you didn’t know that green was the color for 20th anniversaries?” Nope. Didn’t know that. Father God can be so fun. He does things like that to me all the time.

When we built our “new and improved” center on Fifth Avenue I had the strong impression that the building was to be painted blue. I am not particularly fond of blue buildings and some of our Board Members at the time felt like the building should be a brown tone to better blend in with the neighborhood. I knew it was supposed to be blue. As I was fretting over this one morning I opened Our Daily Bread, one of my favorite daily devotionals. Low and behold! The title of that morning’s devotion was none other than “The Color Blue.” I kid you not! It went on to say that the blue threads in the tassels of prayer shawls was to symbolize the power of God. Works for me! I knew that what we were up against as a Christian, pro-life ministry needed the amazing power of God to succeed. And so the building is blue.

Over the years we have seen the hand of God on Lifeline Family Center over and over again. Our Songs of Life Benefit Dinner was a huge success and the launching of Phase II as we begin the third decade of “The Vision.” When our girls graduate Lifeline Family Center it is almost impossible for them to find affordable housing in a SAFE neighborhood. So Phase II will be the building of simple two-bedroom transitional living apartments for our moms and babies. The girls will pay rent based on our cost…probably less than $500 a month. More importantly they will have other Lifeline Moms as their neighbors. What a blessing!

You see, I have this problem. When God shows me a need I think it is because He wants me to do something about it. So here we go again… “walking on water!” Come along! It is an amazing journey!

For life and Truth,

Kathy Miller,

President/ Executive Director


P.S. Thank you for your love and support! The next time you drive up to our building I hope you

will remember why it is blue!