Dear Friends,

They say the military makes a man out of a boy…well, motherhood is certainly boot camp for womanhood! I have Kathy, Izaiah, Elijah 002watched hundreds of young girls become women as they comforted their little ones through colds, teething, bumps and bruises…of knees and hearts. I think we should celebrate Moms for the entire month of May! Thank you to all the dear ladies who sacrificed sleep, and on some days, sanity, in the course of raising children!

This month we also Celebrate Moms by spotlighting our two newest mothers, Ivana and Amanda who just gave birth to two beautiful and healthy boys, Izaiah and Elijah.

“The Case for Life” Benefit Dinner was a grand success! Thank you to all those who participated in our “sell out” event of more than 500 people in attendance. Everyone agreed that Lee Strobel was great, but current resident, Destiny, and Lifeline graduate Allison Sapp and her little boy Adonis, stole the show!

During “season” we have to divide our time and attention between fundraising events and actual ministry. As “season” comes to a close I always look forward to the summer months to focus more on fine tuning our programs and looking more closely at the direction the Lord has for our future. The “downside” of that is…well obviously…if we are not doing fundraising we have to maintain all our programs strictly on donations. Please join us in praying that we are able to do this without dipping into our modest reserve.

Also, please pray for our young single Moms. Even though Mother’s Day has come and gone, it often leaves a bittersweet residual. Rejoicing in their children our Moms try to overlook the fact that there was no special person sending them flowers, or taking them out to dinner…sadly it is something they have to get used to. Prayerfully their little ones will grow up and recognize the sacrificial love that brought them into this world and raised them to adulthood. Your kind support of our ministry does show our Moms that there are many caring people who recognize their love and sacrifice. On behalf of all our Moms, thank you for loving and supporting them!


For life and Truth,

Kathy Miller