Kathy & Baby Janelle


August 2015

Dear Friends,

It does not seem possible that the summer is coming to an end and the children are heading back to school.  Didn’t we just celebrate Memorial Day?  Lifeline Family Center is always a place of action, but as soon as Labor Day comes around we kick into full throttle preparing for our Harvest Open House in November, Thanksgiving, followed quickly by our 5th annual LifeWalk on December 5, Christmas and then on March 3, Lifeline Family Center’s 20th Anniversary Dinner Concert with artist Steve Green, and our dear friend, Pastor Dan Betzer!  Several Lifeline Family Center Graduates and children will also share a word or two at this celebration. It is crazy exciting!  Of course, all this is happening in the midst of ministering to our moms, and welcoming babies into the world! I don’t think there is any place on earth more life affirming than Lifeline Family Center!

A quick look at our girls…Destiny is getting closer and closer to graduating.  Becky has one more semester of training as a Medical Administrative Assistant before she too will be on the road to graduation, and You’llseeka passed her GED and has begun training for a career in the legal field.  She  will start as a legal secretary/paralegal, but someday she hopes to be an attorney.  I hope you will take a look at You’llseeka’s video on GoFundMe (gofundme.com/helpyoullseeka)!  Brittany is almost on Student Level and will begin her career training in Medical Coding.  There are five girls on Pilgrim Level, and a total of nine babies in the nursery.  Currently Baby Uzziah has decided that baby Jacari is his own personal teething ring!  Sapphire is starting to get used to her Mommy’s work schedule, and Jameleah is almost potty trained. One baby is more precious than the next.  One of our Lifeline rules is if you live here you can only have beautiful babies!

And beautiful they are!  Full of promise!  You help make this possible through your loving support!  God bless you for caring!

For life and Truth,

Kathy Miller

President/ Executive Director