Dear Friends,

This being our May/June/July quarterly issue of Life Lines, I want to wish all of you a happy Mother’s Day and a happy Father’s Day!

You might be saying, “But I’m not a Mom” or “I’m not a Dad.” No matter! If you are a friend and supporter of Lifeline Family Center,

you get to celebrate these special life affirming holidays with all our moms and dads who have chosen life over these past 20 years!

You have made it possible for young women to choose life by helping to make it possible for Lifeline Family Center to exist.

Without your support, it is very possible that many of the young women we have helped would be grieving an abortion instead of

celebrating Mother’s Day this year.  Very often on Mother’s Day, I hear from our graduates and even from former residents who left Lifeline without graduating.

As maturity conquers the rebellious spirit of youth, they begin to recognize the blessings of this God-ordained ministry.

I clearly remember the birth of our first baby,  August 1, 1996.  As I was driving to the hospital to celebrate this gift of life,

I remember saying, “In your face, satan! You didn’t get this one!”  Over the years I have repeated that sentiment 154 times!

Only now I remember to precede it with “In Jesus’ name.” If you don’t think the enemy of God doesn’t hate our ministry, think again!

That is why I cannot stress enough our need for your prayers. Please pray for the girls to have wisdom beyond their tender years.

Pray that they would have a sincere desire to change. Pray that as we minister to them, we can successfully model

the difference between loving discipline and harsh punishment.  And finally please pray that we continue to walk by

faith and not by sight.  Thanks for joining us on the journey!

God bless you for caring!

For life and Truth,

Kathy Miller