Heart of the Matter


As a homeless and pregnant teen, I never believed there was much hope for me, let alone a God that cared for me.  I’ve heard of Him, but never turned to Him, trying to control my own life, when I really had no control.  I was struggling on my own.  God let my consequences catch up to my actions.  Wanting to be accepted by the wrong crowd, left me alone and broken.  But someone cared for me; someone who saw the chance to BDdraw me back to Him.  God had his own plan in progress.

Just when I thought I was too deep to come back up, my God saved me from the waves of the world.  “He’s never too early, but He’s never too late.”  God brought me to Lifeline Family Center.  God gave everyone the gift of free will.  I had the choice to continue to drown or to rise above the waves.  I came to Lifeline Family Center as a surrender, as a raise of my white flag.  Five months later I’m a work in progress as a daughter of Christ.  I gave my life to Christ January 10, 2014.  I’ve been happy since.

As I sit and think of where I came from to the place that I am now, I know I’ve made it.  God has opened doors for me, doors of freedom.  I can honestly say, I’m much happier with boundaries than without them.

As of right now I am thankful for the volunteers who give their time to tutor me as I pursue my GED, and waiting for the arrival of my son, who is due June 21st and then I will study to be a Paralegal as my career choice.  He said He knows His plans for me, plans to prosper and succeed.  I have faith in my Father that the outcome is great.