LifeWalk 060

There are many forms of love but you will never have it or see it if you can’t accept it. I thought love was Conditional because most people have a rebuttal after they said something that was supposed to be meaningful. I used to think I was too damaged and broken to ever see unconditional love. Life is a beautiful gift and should be cherished but if you
see no value in it than it has lost its meaning.

I grew up in a physically abusive home with no hope. My parents were surrounded by drug abuse and I was severely uneducated. I lived in 34 different homes before I was 9. My father went to prison for abusing me when I was eight years old.

When I was 15 and living in Florida I met my best friend who would later become my life partner. He would stand by me no matter what. Getting approval for our relationship hit a harsh reality and caused me to be homeless while I I was still in High school. Patrick who was a senior when we met, graduated and was living on his own. He had me move in with him. He helped me graduate High School, taught me how to drive, helped me get a part-time job and get into college classes. He won the heart of my Grandfather, the only person close to me. Everything seemed to be going perfect until my grandfather’s life was taken. I blamed God. I blamed everything on God.

Patrick and I moved to Ft. Myers thinking that running was the best choice and hoping for a fresh start. With my past haunting me and my grandpa’s death, I began to change in the worst ways. I began to lie and cheat on Patrick and get involved in drinking and drugs. In 2012 I even became pregnant. When Patrick heard of my pregnancy He came to me and we decided that we would work on our relationship and take responsibility for the baby. We married on April 10, 2013. Though we loved each other our past issues and mistakes began to haunt us.

Not being able to trust each other led to another separation and domestic violence on both our parts. By then I was pregnant with a second child and it made things more confusing. Our separation caused me to spiral downward and get involved in a life I didn’t want…a life that would later take me to my knees. I was homeless again, sleeping in my car with my son. My mind was set upon divorce and I wanted to abort my unborn child. Things became even worse when my car broke down and I had to find places for my son and me to sleep day by day.

I called a pregnancy clinic and they referred me to Lifeline. I came into Lifeline thinking I was going to get an abortion, until I walked through the front
doors and seen what they really do. With great love and understanding, as well as patience and counseling for me and my husband, they helped us rebuild
our marriage. Instilling God back into my life they helped me see that anything is possible. I recommend this program to anyone who was like me. The
rebirth of my life happened here at Lifeline. My husband Patrick will be graduating with his RN in June 2015. I’m working on my Veterinary Assistant
certification, and our second child is due APRIL 10, 2015, which just so happens to be our anniversary of 8 years together and 2 years married.

I thank God every day for the changes in my life. Always keep in mind, what doesn’t kill you can only make your faith stronger.

From our hearts to yours,
Shelby, Patrick, Ethan and Baby Brother