Heart of the Matter

              A pregnant teenager with a 5-month-old and no money: that was me 8 months ago. Nowhere to go, no job, without Jesus, I was a lost cause with a ton of dreams but no ambition to achieve them. Living in a survival mindset, I was doing everything possible to provide the life my daughter needed. I ended up getting into some trouble and was made out to be a “super juvenile criminal.” In reality, I just felt abandoned by everyone around me, and I thought I had no hope. My biggest fear at this point was losing my kids. The courts gave me two options: Lifeline, or jail: the difference being, if I choose Lifeline, obviously, I got to keep my kids. There was no doubt in my mind that I would have gone to the end of the earth for my kids.

            The journey that I have encountered since I have been here has changed my life completely. In the short time I have been at Lifeline, I have come to know Jesus. He holds a place in my heart that is indescribable. Little by little, as I practice my obedience, God is performing miracles in my life. I have upgraded from broken to repaired, but I am still very fragile. I have my GED, and am now pursuing my dream. I am also taking online classes to be a veterinary assistant. Both of my kids are healthy and well taken care of. I have everything I need, plus more. I have future plans to become a veterinarian technician. Now that I am on the right track with God, I know that He has big plans for me and my kids. The heart of the matter is that I accidentally fell right into God’s hands and I believe that He’s got me right where he wants me.IMG_2079
Sincerely, and with all of our love,

Savannah, Annalee, and Daman